About Us

About Us

About LGBTQ Counseling Centers

At LGBTQ Counseling Centers, we have an incredible team of highly trained individuals. Our counselors’ main purpose is to help anyone who may be struggling with mental health. We understand being a part of the beautiful LGBTQ community can also bring its challenges.  Here, you will find professional, accessible, and highly trained therapists dedicated to ensuring the attainment of your ideal self.  

Our team consists of licensed counselors and therapists who are here to help you develop the tools and skills necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life.  Difficulties we address are as follows:

  • – Stress and anxiety
  • – Social and communication difficulties 
  • – Depression and grief
  • – Bipolar disorders
  • – Trauma and PTSD
  • – Adjustment and transition disorders
  • – ADD and ADHD
  • – Eating Disorders
  • – And many more

The therapy sessions we offer enable you to experience one-to-one help through the aid of our judgment-free and supportive therapists. They will empower you to discover and cultivate tools and coping skills which will enable a strong and positive future.